Association of PVC system providers goal is raising general awareness of how to build a modern space with PVC, adapted to the top quality of life, in accordance with sustainable development that will provide quality prerequisites for our future generations.


As an independent professional community, Association of PVC system providers wants to set professional preconditions that will provide the profession and the general public with a clear insight into the high standards and quality of hard PVC construction joinery. Continuous cooperation in the development of new and improvement of existing legislation and the development of Croatian standards for the production and installation of construction joinery in accordance with the recommendations of the European Commission on environmental protection and energy efficiency.

President: Aleksandar Terer, profine Croatia d.o.o.
Vice president: Krešimir Posilović, Rehau d.o.o.
Business secretary: Katarina Sikavica, HGK
Members: Mario Devunić, Alphacan d.o.o.
                   Boris Šimić, Aluplast GmbH
                   Josip Klasić, Decuninck d.o.o.
                   Robert Križanović, Gealan d.o.o.
                   Renata Travljanin, Inoutic d.o.o.
                   Marijo Lobor, Veka AG

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