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Deceuninck Elegant_Alu House – Interior – A3 8000px – Portrait
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The Association of PVC System Providers for Construction Carpentry of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, which was established in May, adopted a Development Strategy which includes raising awareness of the quality of PVC materials and informing the profession (architects, designers, investors, window manufacturers and other stakeholders) as priorities and operational activities. building construction), but also end consumers. Namely, although this sector is an important factor in the Croatian market, to date it has not been well organized nor has it ever managed to influence the creation of laws that directly affect it, which has led to a flood of poorly produced and installed windows below the legal minimum and poor understanding of this high value product. For this reason, the The Association of PVC System Providers was founded in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and Aleksandar Terer, director of Profine Croatia, was elected its president. More >>