ArhiBau 2021 - Fair of Culture of Construction and Sustainable Development

Arena Zagreb
October 7-9, 2021

Topic 2021
The future after the crisis – the initiative of the New European Bauhaus

The largest construction fair in the region, with a bilingual conference, organized by the Society of Architects of Zagreb. The three-day rich fair and conference deals with topics that currently and for many years to come involve stakeholders in the construction sector – from customers to suppliers, engineers to contractors, financiers to managers and insurers, lay people to professionals, the real sector and civil society to the institutional sector. and public administration.

Dear partners,

This year we are pleased to invite you to the largest annual meeting of manufacturers of carpentry and related industries 8th International Conference “WINDOW DAY 2021 – ift Rosenheim Croatia” which we plan to hold at the Hotel Antunović in Zagreb, on Tuesday 21.09.2021. years. We believe that the September situation around the covid restriction will normalize even more and that we will gather over 200 participants as every year. Of course, we will adhere to all the prescribed measures, we have expanded the lecture hall itself as well as the space for exhibitors, the whole conference this year will be distributed with 1600m2 of space.

The conference is organized by ift Rosenheim Croatia in cooperation with the partner institute for window technology ift Rosenheim GmbH Germany, with the support of your clients in the role of sponsors of leading European manufacturers of profiles, environment, glass, installation accessories and manufacturers of finished products.

The aim of the conference is education in the field of new products, window solutions, carpentry installation, legislation, networking and synergy of the construction carpentry sector, gathering of window and door manufacturers, glass, hardware manufacturers, manufacturers of installation accessories, architects, projects and investors.

Here are just some of the conference topics:

Adaptation of the market to the new situation with regard to the corona virus
Presentation of the Association of PVC System Providers for Construction Joinery
Sales analysis and market situation of windows and doors
Reconstruction of earthquake-damaged buildings
Installation of construction joinery – windows and doors – according to future Croatian guidelines
Glass fences
Various guest lecturers from the countries of the region
Panel discussion
Lectures will be held in Croatian and partly in English with simultaneous translation.

We invite you to get actively involved and exchange useful ideas and expert opinions.

After the earthquake in Banovina, the Association of PVC System Providers for Construction of the HGK decided to provide scholarships to three students who were left homeless and who are studying for deficient occupations.

The vocational school in Sisak has selected three students who will receive a one-time scholarship of 5,000 kuna by signing a scholarship agreement. These are Lucija Krapčiček, who attends the fourth grade of the school for architectural technicians, Dražen Plavljanić, who is being educated as a carpenter (3rd grade) and Matej Boltužić, who is currently in the second grade as a self-propelled construction machine operator. All three had to move out of their homes into temporary accommodation due to the earthquake, and these are hard-working and motivated students for whom this scholarship will be a great wind in their backs to continue their education.

Aleksandar Terer, President of the Association of PVC System Providers for Construction, emphasizes that from the very beginning they wanted to help the area affected by the earthquake, but that due to the specifics of their business they could not immediately realize it through products. “We have decided to donate to vocational school students at the suggestion of school staff and thus facilitate their education and career start-ups, and we will continue to monitor their work and results,” said Terer, adding that together with his associates they have managed to donate PVC joinery to Banovina. worth more than 100,000 kuna for the reconstruction of damaged houses. More>>

More than 1000 people followed the online topic “Technical solutions for energy and static rehabilitation building

Organized by the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb and Clusters for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Buildings –, as part of the AF Professional Development activities, a two-day network professional meeting was held on February 18 and 19, 2021, followed by more than 1,000 people. via webinars and livestreams, Facebook profile of the Faculty of Architecture and on the pages

The aim of the conference was to present lower measurements and technical solutions for complete renovation of the building, which in addition to energy includes static and fire remediation as well as solutions for earthquake and fire safe construction with a high degree of energy efficiency and comfort in buildings in the context of end users.

The Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb and the Cluster for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Buildings – continued their time work on education, promotion of science and innovation and improvement of technology, products, materials and services related to energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings, such as is a current topic of complete renovation that includes static renovation of the building, improving fire safety and the application of measures regarding healthy indoor climatic conditions as well as new construction with a high degree of seismic and fire resistance, and energy efficiency and comfort of space.

The meeting was actively supported by our association and the president of the association, Mr. Aleksandar Terer gave a lecture on the possibilities of PVC carpentry manufacturers in the reconstruction of earthquake-damaged buildings in the area of Zagreb and Sisak-Moslavina County. In a panel discussion at the end of the meeting, Mr. Terrer stressed the need to discuss more openly the problems of using modern materials in the restoration of damaged buildings and their “unsuitability” in the application of cultural heritage sites and achieving consensus within the profession, all in order to accelerate the restoration process and give users equal status with those who have the opportunity to use all the advantages of modern construction joinery made of PVC material.

The Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb and the Cluster for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Buildings – are preparing a two-day professional meeting as part of the AF Professional Development activities:

nZEB u obnovi / TRESS >>
Technical solutions for energy and static renovation of buildings

The professional meeting will be held on 18 and 19 February 2021, starting at 10:00 online via the GoToWebinar platform.

Future of Zagreb after the earthquake

The Association of providers of PVC systems for construction carpentry, as a silver sponsor, invites you to participate in an online conference from 10th to 13th November 2020, organized by the Society of Architects Zagreb.


Energy renovation of family houses

Following the adoption of the Amendments to the Program, the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency in 2020 continued with the national funding of the Program for energy renovation of family houses. On June 25, 2020, public calls were published for citizens (co) owners of existing family houses of energy class (according to QH, nd) of minimum D or worse in continental Croatia or C or worse in coastal Croatia, for citizens and vulnerable groups of citizens at risk of energy poverty. The public call for citizens was temporarily closed on September 1, after the total amount of requested grants was exceeded in relation to the total available amount of planned financial resources. More >>

Established Association of PVC system providers for construction carpentry

At the initiative of representatives of leading European manufacturers of PVC systems for construction joinery on 5.5.2020. The Association of PVC System Providers for Construction Carpentry of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce was founded on

The community is a voluntary association of business entities operating in the territory of the Republic of Croatia as distributors of systems for the production of construction joinery, blinds and shutters from hard PVC material. The members of the Association are authorized representatives of their parent companies, manufacturers of PVC profiles for construction joinery and, as a rule, they are all registered as legal entities in the Republic of Croatia. Members can also be non-resident representatives or authorized representatives, as evidenced by a certificate of representation.
The community operates within the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, which ensures legal legitimacy.

The founders of the community are: Aluplast GmbH, Deceuninck d.o.o., GEALAN d.o.o., Inoutic d.o.o., Profine Croatia d.o.o., Rehau d.o.o. and VEKA AG and from August 2020 the Community was joined by Alphacan d.o.o.

HGK Press release document >>